Fanny Warmer
Fanny Warmer

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Frequently Asked Questions
More hunting success.

FAQ: Does the Fanny Warmer® restrict movement?

No, it was designed specifically for easy movement while walking, climbing or riding. Most people that wear it are never aware that it is on them.

FAQ: Does it need to be heated?

No, think of the Fanny Warmer® as a coat for your fanny. It uses your body heat. It is lined with an insulator that will keep your fanny cushioned and keep you warm even if it is totally wet. To keep it from getting wet it has two water resistant shells to help prevent wind and water from penetrating.

FAQ: Is the fabric noisy and can it take a beating?

The Hunter's Reversible Fanny Warmer® is made with very durable and water resistant fabric. It can take the beating of walking, sitting, or riding though the woods, brush and rough terrain. Is it noisy? No more than a pair of jeans.

FAQ: What size should I order?

Getting too small of a size is very common for men and women. The Fanny Warmer® sizing uses the size of your hips, not your waist. Proper placement of the warmer is under your belly and around your hips. The belt helps hold it in place for those of us without a fanny.

FAQ: Is the Hunter's Reversible Fanny Warmer® machine washable and what are the care instructions?

Yes ALL the Fanny Warmers® are machine washable. They should have a care instruction tag sewn in, but incase it has been removed most of the products we produce require to use no bleach or softener. Use a mild detergent and wash with cool water.

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