Fanny Warmer
Fanny Warmer

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Is it cold outside? I didn't notice.
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Simple • Flexible • Convenient • Practical • Versatile • Water-Resistant

Hunter's Reversible Tough Warmer Cozy Warmer

We've got you covered:

Snow Shoveling
Ice Fishing
Four Wheeling
Ice Hockey
Chopping Firewood
Watching Football
Snowball Fights

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The Next Generation Fanny Warmer® (Version 2.0):
We've taken a great product, and made it better.

The new Fanny Warmer® garment features new color choices, an extra layer of insulator in the buttocks area for more warmth and padding when sitting, a snap for permanent closure (instead of the temporary hook and loop closure), a clipping buckle like on a fanny pack (instead of the cam lever buckle), larger pockets, two pockets on each side instead of one and a wider waist band for more comfort.

Providing warmth for areas nature left defenseless

Mother Nature has provided all of us with thighs and buttocks (A characteristic element of nature), SHE failed to provide us with a way to keep these parts sufficiently warm when need arises. Keep your thighs and buttocks warmer, quickly and easily, with our men's and women's Fanny Warmer® garment!

Men and women can depend on warmer thighs and buttocks with outdoor clothing during work and play. The Fanny Warmer® garment can help ease the pain of arthritis in the hips by staying warmer. The men's warmer is quiet, flexible, water repellent, and as convenient as putting on a coat and hunting gear for the colder seasons.

Both men and women are able to remain warm and will not be restrained while climbing ladders or hiking, etc. The Fanny Warmer® is designed to wear with camouflage hunting gear and other outdoor clothes or cold weather clothing for use during any cold weather outdoor activity. It works as a great complement with snowmobile clothing while frolicking on snow mobiles and four wheelers. No more carrying a blanket or seat cushion to football games!

Made in the U.S.A.

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