Fanny Warmer
Fanny Warmer

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Tough Warmer

While on the job we know how important it is to be mobile and unrestricted. Insulating undergarments are not water resistant in addition to being uncomfortable and restraining.

Do not despair! You can be warmer and unrestricted. The Tough Warmer is water resistant, durable and designed to take a beating. It isn't bulky or cumbersome like coveralls.

It is ideal for any outdoor or indoor cold air environments.

    Suggested professional uses:
  • Industrial Freezer Workers
  • Local/Regional Delivery Drivers
  • Road Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Loading Dock Workers
  • Garbage Truck Operators
  • Telephone/Electric Linemen
  • Agricultural Workers
  • Mail Delivery Carriers
  • Airport Runway Personnel
  • Warehouse Workers

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Deliberately similar to the popular Hunter's Reversible V2.0. This non-reversible Fanny Warmer® (Butt Jacket) has a durable, water resistant fabric for the outer shell and soft but durable liner.

Just like the rest of the Fanny Warmer® family, the Tough Warmer is made with an effective but light insulator providing warmth and padding, has the easy snap and zipper combo for ease of wear and two large pockets on the outer shell.

If you are a business owner, and would like to order multiple units for employees, please contact us for information on custom colors or logo options.

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