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Fanny Warmer

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Just imagine being able to concentrate on hunting, rather than the cold rock you're sitting on.

Compatible with: hunting gear • camouflage clothing • hunting clothes • snowmobile clothing
outdoor clothing • cold weather clothing • camo clothes

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Sizing Information

Fanny Warmer Small
Fanny Warmer Medium
Fanny Warmer Large
Fanny Warmer XL
Fanny Warmer XXL

These garments are uni-sex, everyone should measure by hips.

If you are planning on wearing the Fanny Warmer® over heavy clothing, order a larger size.

Allows 9" in the seat and drops 22" below the waist in the back - knee to knee.

Made In The U.S.A.

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Dear Fanny Co., Inc. is pleased to announce our new patterns for our next generation model of Hunter's Reversible Fanny Warmer® garment. We offer Realtree Hardwoods Blaze® (orange), Realtree Hardwoods HD®, and Advantage Max-4 HD® (more for fielded areas).

    Available combinations include:
  • Woods Camo / Orange Camo
  • Orange Camo / Field Camo
  • Woods Camo / Field Camo

All Hunter's insulating Fanny Warmer® garments feature:

  • Two different reversible durable water repellent camouflage designs
  • Basic text Shearling cloth between layers for added warmth
  • A wide elastic waistband for comfort
  • 5 1/4" reversible zipper
  • One inch snapping buckle belt with belt loops
  • Two pockets on both sides
  • Therapeutic - Helps ease the pain of arthritis in the hips or low dorsum

Patterns and colors shown may not represent current choices. Please click Order Now to see current products and prices.

As Featured on

As Featured on

The Dear Fanny Company, Inc., introduces its unique Fanny Warmer® garment to provide warmth for the hips and thighs, "a characteristic element of nature," that chill easily in damp, cold and windy weather. Now available in a Hunter's Reversible style, the Fanny Warmer® garment comes reversible patterns for versitility.

This simple to use and convenient cold-weather garment functions as a wrap, fastened around the waist, draping over the buttocks and thighs, and drops 22 inches to the back of the knee. The Fanny Warmer® garment not only provides comfortable insulation but also acts a wind barrier to keep the buttock and thigh area warm in damp, cold and windy weather.

The external fabric is durable and water repellent. An insulating layer of warm basic text shearling cloth is sandwiched between the two external panels for added warmth.

The Fanny Warmer® garment has both an elastic waistband and a one-inch cam lever buckle belt with belt loops. A 5 1/4 inch reversible zipper provides additional closure for more security. The belt helps hold it in place and comes with elastic for double security for those who have trouble keeping up their pants due to very small buttocks. Available in sizes small to double-extra large (XXL), this unisex garment is made in the U.S.A.

The Fanny Warmer® garment can provide that little bit of extra warmth and comfort that allows you to stay out longer for a lot more success. It is quiet, flexible and as convenient as putting on a hunting coat. It gives added warmth when worn over coveralls. Furthermore, it is not bulky or confining and allows the freedom of movement necessary when traversing tough terrain or climbing into stands.

Photo Gallery

Fanny Warmer Quiet and Flexible. Can be worn with other hunting gear. Flexible enough to crouch or sit in. A very flexible garment. Reversible camouflage fabric.

As these photos demonstrate, the Fanny Warmer® garment allows flexibility in all situations. Click any image to enlarge, and then use your browser's back button to return to this page.

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